Viva Las Vegas

Having been off home turf for another week taking small journeys on bicycles mainly to bars or the beach, it was time to step it up a gear and get back to adventuring and what better place to start than Las Vegas?! Along with the late arrival, my Auntie Sue, we took a road trip … More Viva Las Vegas

Guess who’s back

No, not the backstreet boys and also not slim shady – James and I landed back in the UK for a quick reunion with our loved ones, and what we hoped would be a little rest but quickly turned into a tour of the Midlands and beyond.  We have enjoyed showering in clean facilities with … More Guess who’s back

5 misconceptions about travelling (especially as a couple) 

Travelling is of course something that is on many people’s bucket lists in one way or another. For some luxury all inclusive breaks in the carribean are perhaps more appealing than a backpacking trip around Asia, however, we still find people in awe of the things that we get up to and questioning how we … More 5 misconceptions about travelling (especially as a couple)