Home is our happy place

We have finally succumbed and begun to pack our life into boxes. We now have echoey rooms with bare walls and several bin bags scattered in doorways! 

It has been a lot more difficult than I think either of us anticipated. There have been several occasions where either one or both of us have stood still for a moment and looked around a now emptier room with a sad little look. It has become quite real now that we are leaving our first home. And although it’s cold and damp, needs redecorating throughout and is in a less than desirable area with some questionable neighbours, it is still our home and we have shared so many happy times here together. It’s definitely a sign of the start of the next chapter for us, but this is one chapter that we certainly won’t forget. 

Amongst packing and sorting, we have also managed to make an awful lot of mess. Someone once said that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.. I can only hope that is the case here, because I still have no idea where half of this stuff is going to go! 


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