Moving days

The past week has been stress central, but finally I can say I am feeling relaxed and curled up with a cuppa! What is very exciting is that I have access to my clothes again that have been boxed away so I don’t have to dress like a tramp for our last few days. Another pro is that the heating is on, a luxury that we haven’t been used to in our poorly insulated house whilst trying to save money! 

After spending our evenings (and a days annual leave) completing our packing, we have now moved into James’ parent’s home. Although they didn’t really have a choice about taking James back, they have been kind enough to take me in as well. As well as warmth and tea, we have also been provided with storage and food so we really couldn’t ask for any more! The commute is a little further than the 5 minutes we have been used to but an early wake up call can be dealt with for the last week at work. 

I was fairly useless on moving day. I had done my fair share of packing, but when it came to heavy lifting I was more of an observer whilst James and his Dad loaded the van. We have had the help of some amazing friends too – the new Mr and Mrs Huskins donated a Saturday to packing up and moving furniture, and Laura and Paul have been kind enough to allow us to store the majority of our furniture in their garage which has saved us a tonne of stress and money! All we can say is thank you! And let you know we owe you our eternal love as well as a beer! 

The actual leaving wasn’t as sad as I had imagined it might be. Going back to the house to clean has been weird, seeing it empty and echoey, but rather than feel too bad about it I think it has just been a huge weight off our shoulders to know that it’s done! Everything is now where it needs to be and we are almost ready for the adventure that seems to have been approaching forever! The saddest part about the move has almost certainly been saying goodbye to our furries – but they deserve their own post for sure! So more on those later. For now, I can finish my tea and go to bed happy in the knowledge that I only have 3 shifts left at work and also that we now have our passports back in our hands from the Chinese embassy, fully visa’d and ready for departure! Phew!  We are definitely going….


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