Farewell to the furries! 

We are now on the final countdown! One shift left at work, one weekend full of goodbyes and then we are off! It would be wrong to leave however, without paying tribute to our “babies”, who we have already had sad farewells with. 

Milly 🐰 
Our lovely bunny Milly has gone to her foster home with the Herbert’s! She is living the life of luxury and most definitely will be very happy there and not want picking up again! She has her own shed full of warm blankets and toys and a run to herself too, as well as some friends to play with called Fudge and Wheatley (playing through the fence at present as Fudge is a bit jealous and keeps growling at her!). 

Milly came to live with us after a birthday trip to the farm (yes I went to the farm for my birthday, and yes I enjoyed it). She was to be a new girlfriend for our existing bunny Frazzle to heal his broken heart from the loss of Quaver. She was nicknamed the “birthday bunny” for this reason, but is also known as the “grumpy bunny” and “Sassy Milly”. 

They fell in love pretty quickly! Sadly we have now lost Frazzle too, so Milly has gone to her holiday home on her own. I’m glad she will have some company again and that she has been offered such a wonderful home with amazing people who are if possible even more bunny crazy than me! The last days at Werburgh Street were so odd without her. I instinctively said goodnight to an empty room on more than one occasion! It’s so strange how someone so small can take over your life in such a way! Although when you look at her photogenic, fluffy adoreable face it’s easy to see how you can fall in love so quickly! I have been by for cuddles once since dropping her off already, and will potentially go for one more farewell before we jet off if I can bring myself to do it.. I’m not ashamed to say I had a tear when we parted! Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures in the form of picture updates Milly! Miss your cuddles and your grumpy stomps lots already! 

Maurice 🐱 

The accidental pet.. this cat who is not our cat came into our lives out of the blue this year and we totally fell in love with him! He just kept appearing in our garden, looking ratty and skinny and making us feel sorry for him. We ended up feeding him because we are stupid perhaps and inevitably he kept coming back. With no microchip and apparently no home we kind of took him on as our own!

He very quickly became part of the family and our routine. Him and Milly made friends, but him and James become best pals. Many a night at work I received several photos of the kitty making himself at home around the house or on James’s lap! He is the most loveable little fella and such a fusspot! 

 If we hadn’t been going away we would have kept him forever in a heartbeat but we knew we couldn’t commit to him and it wasn’t fair to find him a temporary home all over again until we got back, so we found him a lovely forever home. His new Mummy and Daddy are Yen and Harry, a girl from work and her other half! They already have a cat called Tabby, who apparently isn’t Maurice’s biggest fan at the moment but I’m hopeful that once she realises what a cutie he is she will accept him! He has been renamed Wez, has a collar for the first time and receives cuddles and fusses on demand so we couldn’t wish for any better for him. He has an appointment at the vets tomorrow to get chipped and vaccinated (and castrated the poor chap) and then he has had the full works! I don’t think we need to worry at all about the life he is going to lead. We are so truly grateful to have had him as part of our lives! 

It’s going to be odd not having pets to look after. Although, seeing as a lot of the time we find it difficult to look after ourselves it is probably a good idea that we didn’t try and pop the two of them in our backpacks and take them for the ride. That would have been quite the adventure! I would have definitely made some money from blogging with those stories! 


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