Bye bye England!

The last few days have been absolutely mental. We have finished work, handed back our keys, said a lot of goodbyes and had a pretty awesome party to send us off! 

Although work has been a little crazy for a good couple of weeks now, I’ve not found it in myself to care! I’ve been on holiday mode and kind of just cruised through. I had a huge surprise on Friday and was given a totally unexpected “leaving assembly”. As I’m not really leaving work, just taking a break, I hadn’t considered that my wonderful colleagues would be so lovely. They sent me off with a card and some pennies for our travel fund – but did fail to make me cry despite many people’s wishes. 


Quite fittingly, it was also the last day of the beloved Oncor 2. The oldest machine in our department and next to be replaced. I say fitting, as this was the first machine I worked on as a fully qualified radiographer when I started at The Royal Derby Hospital way back in the medieval ages of 2013. I’m glad we got to share a last chat and a goodbye before the contractors started ripping it off the wall. 

On Saturday we had a Bon Voyage party! This was meant to be to make it easier on us than going round the country trying to see everyone we wanted to say goodbye to – but I don’t think either of us quite anticipated it to be as emotional as it was! There were many tears and lip wobbles throughout the evening as family and friends departed. We were so unbelievably touched by how many people came to wish us well from near and far and for the abundance of gifts and cards we received too. We have the best bunch of people surrounding us that we could ever wish for. 

And, as if the party wasn’t emotional enough, out of nowhere this beauty appeared! 

Amna has been living in Saudi Arabia for almost a year now. Going from living with someone to not seeing them for months is quite a shock – and although we talk all the time and try and keep up with each other’s gossip, nothing could beat the feeling I had seeing this little one and giving her the hugest squeeze! We haven’t seen each other since February when we both cried in the street and said our goodbyes as she went off on her big adventure. Amna, I cannot believe that you came all the way back to see me off on my adventure – and more than that, that you managed to keep it a secret from me! She had sent me a message merely two hours before telling me have a good time and sorry that she missed it..! Being the super Kardashian fan that she is, I should have known she would be dramatic. Amna, I can’t thank you enough – your visit made my night. And well done to the other beauty, Lydia, for keeping it from me! There is video footage of my squealing and tears on Facebook for anyone who is interested. 

James’s parents also surprised us with a cute cake depicting the two of us setting off across the globe. Thank you both, not just for this, but for all you have done in the last few weeks for us! 

I could thank so many people, but I don’t have the time (nor the memory to be honest!). However, just quickly, thank you to my Mum for lending us her car for the last couple of months to enable us to get about and for the use of your garage, thank you to Matt, Steph and Kat for all your help with moving, thank you to Laura and Paul for letting us invade your garage with all of our belongings, to my Dad and Susan for looking after some bits that were left over, and to the Herbert’s for bunnysitting. I hope she is well behaved for you. I’m sorry if I have missed anyone! But know you are all very loved and appreciated and that we will be in contact with as many as possible somewhere along the way! 

For now, its bye bye England! I’m just scoffing a pasty whilst we wait to bag drop and then we head to our gate! I can’t believe I’m saying it, but our adventure has begun! 


3 thoughts on “Bye bye England!

  1. Have a fab adventure and look after each other. James watch out for the mossies!! Enjoy every minute and we look forward to all the pics and updates. Can’t believe my ‘devil child’ is all grown up and off to see the world with a beautiful girl. Our love is with you all the way. Xxx

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