Guess who’s back

No, not the backstreet boys and also not slim shady – James and I landed back in the UK for a quick reunion with our loved ones, and what we hoped would be a little rest but quickly turned into a tour of the Midlands and beyond. 

We have enjoyed showering in clean facilities with constant water temperature and pressure, a washing machine that appears to give you clean clothes, not needing to question which toilets will flush and whether paper can safely go down them, our own bed and pieces of clothing that we had forgotten we owned! Of course, the main excitement has been seeing all of our wonderful friends and family and sharing so many stories as well as hearing all of the news we have missed out on too!

The primary reason for our return took place Easter weekend.  We watched my big sister marry her soul mate! It was such a lovely day that provided plenty of laughs and smiles as well as a few tears! She looked absolutely stunning and we were very happy to be part of such a special day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs White!

A change from our familiar backpacker look

The next excitement came in the form of my bestest friends Hen Do! A weekend of eating and drinking with a little relaxing and dancing thrown into the mix made for a perfect celebration in Bristol with some lovely girls. 

The beautiful bride to be!

Terrifyingly, the next time I see her will be on our return for the wedding! With the honour of being one of her bridesmaids I really do need to work on pulling myself together over that fact, because at the moment all I can see is me being an emotional mess and not quite making it down the aisle! 

We squeezed in seeing most of our favourite people, too many to showcase here.

We were only back in the country for a fortnight but were quite quickly reminded of all the things that we love and miss and perhaps take for granted about home. Sadly, we were also reminded of all that we dislike and long to get away from! Not just the obvious of the cold grim weather but also the extortionate expense of some things in this country and the attitude of people. It’s so cliche, but our experiences over the last 6 months have opened our eyes to so many things that we just averted our focus from before. Luckily for us however, we have already jetted off on our next adventure, as I didn’t find time to finish this post whilst we were still on UK soil!

Unpacking and Repacking – Nightmare!

An update from home isn’t quite as exciting to write and no doubt not much fun at all to read – but rest assured that there’s plenty more excitement to come!

Ready for another adventure!

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