Viva Las Vegas

Having been off home turf for another week taking small journeys on bicycles mainly to bars or the beach, it was time to step it up a gear and get back to adventuring and what better place to start than Las Vegas?! Along with the late arrival, my Auntie Sue, we took a road trip North through California and into Nevada for four days of exploring, drinking, eating and of course gambling too. Don’t worry, we still have some money left to our name after James let loose on the blackjack table! 

As well as gambling and drinking, there was actually a lot to explore in Vegas. Each themed casino was like a new world with features of different countries – even the toilets were quite the attraction. Fremont Street was an adventure in itself without the adrenaline surge of the Superman style zip line Slotzilla, taking off from 10 stories high. 

We hadn’t drank too much before we took the plunge, but we made up for that afterwards with the compulsory novelty glass of cocktail, that I’m pretty sure was almost pure alcohol. Armed with said cocktails, we toured the street, watched the light show, enjoyed many and varied street performers, had some more cocktails, and danced under the lit ceiling. Well, I did. 

The following days continued down the same slippery path. An amazing time was had, plenty of memories made, and I got to stay in a princess castle for 3 nights so I was a very happy lady. 


En route to our next destination in the Neighbouring state of Arizona, our road trip took us via the Hoover Dam. We also took a trip through Dolan Springs to James’s delight! Although I’m not sure he was too impressed with the strange little town that it turned out to be. 

Joining the interesting folk in Dolan Springs


We were driving to a working ranch where we stayed in a log cabin amongst horses and buffalo with a stunning view and amongst lovely company. 

There were a few mishaps/frights with the cabin and we were moved – but I wouldn’t want to tarnish the reputation of the wonderful ranch. We had a (free!) breakfast with a cowboy and were a stones throw away from our real destination – The Grand Canyon. 

The Grand Canyon was far greater than I could have imagined. The scale of it was beyond what the human eye could comprehend. Standing on the south rim of the canyon, you could clearly see the other side, however you couldn’t tell that it was in fact 8 miles away. Looking over into the depths of the canyon, it wasn’t until a helicopter flew through that you appreciated how high you were – 2 miles! That’s higher than the top of the Empire State Building! For someone with a fear of heights,the hazy perspective came in quite useful, especially when we decided to take a stroll on the glass Skywalk that is suspended over the canyon. It took me a while to get out onto it, but with a little panic and a lot of encouragement I managed it! Sadly, no pictures were allowed – but I promise I did it! 

James’s new album cover
Me high up looking very happy with my achievements

We sat and watched the sunset over the Canyon, and watched minute by minute as the colours of the rocks changed from browns to oranges to pinks to reds with a beautiful bleeding sky as their backdrop. It was a serene and peaceful experience, other than the oddball security officer that wanted to take a picture of me and James kissing.. that changed the mood a little. 


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